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When most people think of the engine behind Chicago's economy, they think of the Loop; but much of the city's commerce takes place more quietly, behind store fronts and factory doors in Chicago's neighborhoods. And no group has done more to nurture and grow the industrial base of the city's side streets than CANDO. As it marks two decades, this alliance of community economic development groups deserves the collective praise of a city that has benefited from its consistent advocacy of neighborhood-based development.

- Editorial, Crain's Chicago Business, 28 June 1999.

CANDO is the largest citywide coalition of neighborhood economic development organizations in the United States. We are a coalition of members who are working to promote economic revitalization in Chicago's neighborhoods. We promote retail and industrial development in order to create opportunity, employment, investment, income, and goods and services for our communities. CANDO provides a number of services to groups involved in community economic development. Explore this site to find out more.

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Visit CANDO's Issues section to comment on the latest public policy issues facing the Community Economic Development field.

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