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CANDO's Brownfield Redevelopment Institute offers six course sections, which cover topics such as site identification, the brownfield regulatory process, Phase One and Phase Two environmental testing, and real estate market analysis

Course Outline
Session I: Introduction
What is a Brownfield?
The Brownfield Redevelopment Process
Factors that Affect Brownfield Redevelopment
Liability Issues Affecting Brownfield Redevelopment
Community Readiness for Brownfield Redevelopment
Community Organizations Involvement in Brownfield Redevelopment
Session II: Site Analysis and Selection
Case Study - One community's involvement in Brownfields
Project Identification & Information
Zoning and Land Use Considerations
Market Analysis of Redevelopment Potential
Session III: Bus Tour
Roosevelt and Kostner
Lawndale Mini Mountain
Casa Guerrero
Session IV: Real Estate Development and Finance
Back-of-the-Envelope Analysis
Types and Sources of Financing
Ownership Issues and Strategies
Forming Partnerships and Development Teams
Building Relationships and Working with Development Groups
Session V: Managing Environmental Liability
Illinois Site Remediation Program
Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives
Other Strategies
Session VI: Environmental Site Assessment
Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments
How to Choose a Consultant to Conduct the Site Assessments

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