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Neighborhood Planning In Chicago
Demonstrating, Enabling, and Empowering Development
Pat Bell, Director of DEED - 312-372-2636 x. 231
Holly Marshall, Assoc. Dir. of DEED - 312-372-2636 x. 224
Veronica Gonzalez, Assoc. Dir. of DEED - 312-372-2636 x. 230

Are you a nonprofit in one of Chicago's low- to moderate-income neighborhoods? A community development corporation? A community organizing group? A merchants' association? A church? A block-club?

DEED can provide you with the Neighborhood Planning and Organizational Development assistance that is crucial to your redevelopment plans for your local retail and industrial areas:

  • How does one apply for Planning Now assistance from the City?
  • How do I find corporate board members that will bring the funding I need?
  • How do I formulate a redevelopment plan for my neighborhood?
  • What can I do about the run-down, abandoned storefronts on the main thoroughfare in my neighborhood?
  • Who do I contact at the City?
  • ETC.
New Osco in Auburn-Gresham
DEED staff celebrate the opening of a new Osco Drugstore in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood, located near 79th and Halsted.
"The expertise and professionalism CANDO brings to community development is unmatched. They are the proven experts in community re-development."

- Rev. Michael L. Pfleger, Pastor, Saint Sabina Church


History of DEED

Through the DEED program, CANDO provides technical assistance and brokers financing for low- and moderate-income neighborhoods in Chicago to plan and implement their own development strategies. In severely distressed neighborhoods, community organizations struggle with the complexities of the development process: soliciting community input; devising redevelopment plans; negotiating with local government agencies; identifying and acquiring sites; and attracting developers and end users. Neighborhood revitalization efforts challenge even experienced practitioners and can overwhelm small organizations.

DEED is grounded in the theory of "comprehensive community-building," which acknowledges the unique character, priorities, and strengths of each neighborhood. In the past five years, a number of low-income communities have solicited our expertise to empower community stakeholders to analyze, plan and implement development strategies. We bring in our expertise and teach concepts such as joint venturing. We also provide the neighborhood organization with a consultant paid by CANDO.

Bronzeville Before Bronzeville After
The GAPPIE Development Corporation used Empowerment Zone Funds to transform this mall in the historic Bronzeville community on Chicago's South Side. DEED has assisted with this, and many other projects in the area.

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