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CANDO Director of Retail Development
Marty Berg
(312) 372-2636 x. 237

Are you a retailer / developer interested in discussing Chicago neighborhood
Contact Marty Berg!

Jason Gustaveson
Jason Gustaveson, Executive Director of Greater Northwest Development Corporation in Portage Park.

Retail areas are the "front yard" of a neighborhood - the part that outsiders see first. For residents, the commercial strip is an important part of their neighborhood identity. It provides jobs as well as vital goods and services. If people can shop in their own neighborhood, it keeps dollars in the neighborhood economy and helps instill a source of local pride. But if a retail area does not offer these benefits, it can actually detract from the rest of the neighborhood.

Recognizing the community significance of commercial areas from our earliest days, CANDO was originally founded to address retail issues in Chicago's neighborhoods. Now, through our approximately 60 retail-oriented member organizations, and many more Affiliate Member corporate partners, CANDO strives to make Chicago neighborhood shopping areas more attractive and visible.

Partners in the purchase and redevelopment of the Chicago/Kedzie Mall
Partners in the purchase and redevelopment of
the Chicago/Kedzie Mall in West Humboldt Park,
including James Matanky of Matanky Realty Group,
Jimmy Simmons of West Humboldt Park Development
Council, and Bruce Martin of Bank One.

Paula Barrington
Paula Barrington, Executive Director of the Old Town Chamber of Commerce, with a shop owner in Old Town.

A monthly Commercial Committee meeting serves as a forum for member organizations to discuss their retail interests, and to learn more from guest speakers. With the participation of the Commercial Committee, CANDO has promoted neighborhood retail locations in other ways - such as partnering with the International Council of Shopping Centers since 1985.

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